Top 5 Portuguese Recipe Books you Should Get

Here are 5 great Portuguese recipe books I highly recommend you get for yourself or someone you know who loves Portuguese food.
Wed, Dec 8, 2021
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Top 5 Portuguese Recipe Books you Should Get

These are available from AMAZON US, AMAZON Canada or AMAZON UK and you will be redirected to the right one when clicking on a book.


Taste Portugal 101 Easy Portuguese Recipes

Taste Portugal, 101 easy Portuguese recipes from Tia Maria's Portuguese Food Blog by Food Blogger Maria Dias and her daughter Lisa Dias will bring you a taste of classic Portuguese cuisine into your home.


Taste Portugal More Easy Portuguese Recipes

"Taste Portugal, More Easy Portuguese Recipes" is the second cookbook from Tia Maria's Portuguese Food Blog in the series of Taste Portugal cookbooks. 


Authentic Portuguese Cooking: More Than 185 Classic Recipes

The dishes of Portugal are known for being mild in spice but rich in flavor. Meals such as stewed seafood flavored with herbs and vinegar, homestyle bread made with sweet potato, rich sausage stews...


The New Portuguese Table: Exciting Flavors from Europe's Western Coast

The New Portuguese Table looks at this fascinating country's 11 surprisingly different historical regions, as well as the island of Madeira and the Azores, and their food culture, traditional dishes, and wines.


For the Love of Portuguese Food

In this collection of traditional recipes, Milena shares simple dishes for anyone who enjoys Portuguese food, especially Luso descendants interested in recreating the food that their mothers, grandmothers and even fathers once cooked. 


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